Any given saturday

light heart and working class owned it, good on you boys.. more pics to follow

lexus love

random jdm allstars pic

JDM Allstars @ Wembley

Right then, Spent the weekend at the G-Mans up in LAAAANDAAAAN to attend the JDM Allstars event held at Wembley. Didnt take that many pictures as I was seriously tired from work the week before and the early mornings.. Had an awesome time though. The practise and qualifying on Saturday was far quieter than last … Continue reading

fort bonifacio motor show, Manila, Philippines

ok guys pics from a friend in manila here , one of the bigger car shows over there and  a good turnout aswell as this is just a selection, hope to get more from rick as its great to see another car culture right from the source, cheers tuppen

japfest fishy style

japfest 2010

ok ladies and gents, been away for the weeked at japfest . had a great time and good to meet a few more corolla owners, a big thanks to chaydon for putting me up and micheal for convoying down with me. sorry about the amount of pics but just wanted them in one hit. hope … Continue reading

Japfest bound

The one pic I took folks. Will get more up once there on the lappy t

JDM Allstars Manchester… two weeks late.

Firstly, Apologies for the delay in uploading this, been a busy few weeks. Myself and a mate set off for Manchester on Saturday morning, hoping to get there in time to watch some of the qualifying. About 80 miles from Manchester, my AE86’s diff seized.. so after an hour and a half of driving, an … Continue reading

london corolla meet part duex

ok guys the second one was ace (literally, we went there), great turnout going through the pics now but just as a teaser here is a couple of pics geoffers