bumpers on

the newest team light heart ride had some reasonable non hover bumpers put on speed bumps were killing me

japfest 2010

ok ladies and gents, been away for the weeked at japfest . had a great time and good to meet a few more corolla owners, a big thanks to chaydon for putting me up and micheal for convoying down with me. sorry about the amount of pics but just wanted them in one hit. hope … Continue reading

its all about going backwards

loving there style

random pic of the day

i love this car makes me want a coupe

a little update about my car

ok so im going to put a few posts up about the car , and what ive done since getting it back in december … my crimbo present this is when i got her i swapped it for my 300bhp s14a (ill put up pics later) some said i was stupid but man ive always … Continue reading

Hello car fans!

nobody leaves till somebody gets hurt