retro toyota meet @ the ace

great weather, great cars, great driving what more can i say……

Any given saturday

light heart and working class owned it, good on you boys.. more pics to follow

lip fitting time

started getting the car ready for mot time, got front indicctors and fogs working but got side tracked and fitted the pre face lift aswell as spraying the bumper black for now , is it too low?????  

mad camber merc

must love buying rubber mu

bumpers on

the newest team light heart ride had some reasonable non hover bumpers put on speed bumps were killing me

new bits for the 200

simply that its not pre face its not jdm rear its not even a proper splitter but cheap and legal boom

been away for a while……new car

right been away for a while, busy messing and what not, sold the jzx90 to maybe fund a trip to japan next year and get a cheap drifty run around that im not afraid to hammer about. so here it is, will put a spec and shit up later

Papa’s got a brand new bag

Got an absolute bargain of a billingham bag for all my camera kit. So a big thank you to mospin off driftworks. This thing is hhhoojjjjjjj.

a rather nice day at sanspeed

ok so i git a call around midday telling me i had to get to a mates house and sharpish so 12 mins later and it was on. the reason i was there is to see a badass mk1 escort from saaaaafffllaaaannndaaaan get rolling roaded and set up after its fresh engine build. so we … Continue reading

Sweet buggy spotted in london

Our roving reporter cat was out today and spotted this nice buggy. Think it’s a gp kit if I remember right. Always had a soft spot for old dubs. keep up the good work dear