lip fitting time

started getting the car ready for mot time, got front indicctors and fogs working but got side tracked and fitted the pre face lift aswell as spraying the bumper black for now , is it too low?????  

bumpers on

the newest team light heart ride had some reasonable non hover bumpers put on speed bumps were killing me

been away for a while……new car

right been away for a while, busy messing and what not, sold the jzx90 to maybe fund a trip to japan next year and get a cheap drifty run around that im not afraid to hammer about. so here it is, will put a spec and shit up later

Yes ive got another new car

Ok folks. You guessed it. Yet again I have a new car and yet again I swapped it. The rx7 has gone to two homes since I owned it. But I now have a Toyota Mark II tourer v or as the Japanese affectionately know it the jzx90. So pleased with this on ( Been … Continue reading

i got me a new car

well after always wanting a corolla ive had one , and loved it. but the way i see it time to enjoy another one off the list so here she is a ’89 rx7 turbo 2 cabriolet absolutely love it inc the man spec wheels (scrape like a bitch)

I love empty roads

On my way to work from my gals in Wandsworth on bank holiday morning. A rare sight in London. Especially at 9 on a Monday.

Ah man, Been so slack with posts as of late, Japfest has come and gone, had an awesome time! Need to upload some pics I took so will sort that asap now that I have some more free time on my hands! The 86 hasn’t been proving that reliable, first the diff issues and now … Continue reading

japfest 2010

ok ladies and gents, been away for the weeked at japfest . had a great time and good to meet a few more corolla owners, a big thanks to chaydon for putting me up and micheal for convoying down with me. sorry about the amount of pics but just wanted them in one hit. hope … Continue reading

Fatlace/illest/cyclist in the post woot

Got these lovley bits in the post earlier. Very pleased. Oh and I got the cyclist stuff as I’m a bmx’r at heart

Ae86 lawnmower