Any given saturday

light heart and working class owned it, good on you boys.. more pics to follow

random jdm allstars pic

a rather nice day at sanspeed

ok so i git a call around midday telling me i had to get to a mates house and sharpish so 12 mins later and it was on. the reason i was there is to see a badass mk1 escort from saaaaafffllaaaannndaaaan get rolling roaded and set up after its fresh engine build. so we … Continue reading

chelsea cruise 26th of june

wondered to chelsea bridge this sunday ( has been a proper car weekend and been bad ass, brands hatch pics up tomorrow) dragged along a reluctant cousin (ta cat especially for the cats eye view, ill put pics up as soon as they are developed) one hell of a turnout and prob the best ive … Continue reading

i seenz a CRZ on the uk streets!!!!

and what can i say but very nice indeed even in its standard guise, all it needs is some fitment and some lowering and it would be pretty sorted.. and of course how it should be done by spoon

I love empty roads

On my way to work from my gals in Wandsworth on bank holiday morning. A rare sight in London. Especially at 9 on a Monday.


Saw this on the way to work. Very nice

japfest fishy style

Back to the noughties

Ok saw this BMW the other day in clapham, must say very nice and quite a noise. Then found out my cousin had a couple more pics. So ta cat.

japfest 2010

ok ladies and gents, been away for the weeked at japfest . had a great time and good to meet a few more corolla owners, a big thanks to chaydon for putting me up and micheal for convoying down with me. sorry about the amount of pics but just wanted them in one hit. hope … Continue reading