a rather nice day at sanspeed

ok so i git a call around midday telling me i had to get to a mates house and sharpish so 12 mins later and it was on. the reason i was there is to see a badass mk1 escort from saaaaafffllaaaannndaaaan get rolling roaded and set up after its fresh engine build. so we … Continue reading

a night out with the ke

ok guys so here we have some of the pics taken the other night with the nicest ke corolla in surrey. enjoy anyone want larger pics (nye) just mail me

i got me a new car

well after always wanting a corolla ive had one , and loved it. but the way i see it time to enjoy another one off the list so here she is a ’89 rx7 turbo 2 cabriolet absolutely love it inc the man spec wheels (scrape like a bitch)

its the gods honest tooth

been having some proper tooth problems so not even bothered going on the comp , but gonna get a shed load of posts up in the next few days , and its the 2nd 86 london meet this sunday so should be good. will get my arse in gear folks

Random wide arch mr2

Out in tooting today and pulled up behind this mr2. Not a bad kit but not to everyones tastes im sure

snowy trip out with miami

just a few pics from a day out with the corolla and my friend miami’s ps13 very enjoyable, very fun……..