JDM Allstars Manchester… two weeks late.


Apologies for the delay in uploading this, been a busy few weeks. Myself and a mate set off for Manchester on Saturday morning, hoping to get there in time to watch some of the qualifying. About 80 miles from Manchester, my AE86’s diff seized.. so after an hour and a half of driving, an hour wait for the recovery truck, two hours back to Swindon, and another 3 hours drive up, we eventually got there! Missed all of Saturday, but meant we were ready for Sunday.

The level of driving was mind blowing, big angle, big smoke. No AE86’s drifting this round but there’s always hope that the WKD Imports AE86 or the Driftmoto team make it next time. Didn’t manage to get many pics of the cars on the course as I only had a pocket camera with me, but got what I could as well as cars in the carpark.

If you can make it to watch a round of JDM Allstars I can promise that you will not be disappointed!


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