badass oldskool pikes peak suzuki escudo

the escudo pikes peak car before it became famous in gt2 parts 1 and 2 im loving the livery part 2 1.30 in is just redonkulously quick

retro toyota meet @ the ace

great weather, great cars, great driving what more can i say……

New car

So been quiet but I’ve been messing with my new toy A 1989 Nissan pao This thing is as standard and as slow as you like. But I just love it. I’ve wanted one for years and this turned up for a good price with a duff head gasket and I couldn’t say no. So … Continue reading

its the old skool toyota meet so go

thats right just go  

amazing cosmo in the uk

spotted this on ebay, ok it dont have engine or the wheels now, but wow this looks amazing, cosmo’s are rare as rocking horse crap. looking like this they are a one off. bid people.

Any given saturday

light heart and working class owned it, good on you boys.. more pics to follow

collective team light heart curry night

which ended up very non curry, good night was had by all though,apart from team light heart the meet eventually involved….. section 59, working class heroes and d3 sorry about the crap pics it was a spur of the moment thing, will try harder. was great to meet a few folk finally aswell more pics … Continue reading

lip fitting time

started getting the car ready for mot time, got front indicctors and fogs working but got side tracked and fitted the pre face lift aswell as spraying the bumper black for now , is it too low?????  

lexus love

new s13 to the light heart flock

young simon “half can” pearless has joined the s13 faction of light heart with a very tidy tuned s13 more pics to come but here is a quick spec, but you will be seeing more of this soon.   Engine: CA18 1.8cc Chrome cam covers Chrome pipes Upgrade fuel pressure regulator Upgrade fuel filter Upgrade … Continue reading