Tribal Warrior?

Geoff has a hate for vinyl flames and anything related to. But this is something i was planning to do to my car for abit of a giggle. Cool or Un-cool? Advertisements

New kid on the block.

Hello, i’m a friend of Geoff and the merry crew of wheel warriors that are Team Light Heart & Working Class Heroes! I currently have too many toys. One being my r33 drift car that i compete in the bdc with. Last year was my first year competing and managed to finish 8th overall. This … Continue reading

Any given saturday

light heart and working class owned it, good on you boys.. more pics to follow

collective team light heart curry night

which ended up very non curry, good night was had by all though,apart from team light heart the meet eventually involved….. section 59, working class heroes and d3 sorry about the crap pics it was a spur of the moment thing, will try harder. was great to meet a few folk finally aswell more pics … Continue reading

quick web address change

we are now little bit nicer ey

lip fitting time

started getting the car ready for mot time, got front indicctors and fogs working but got side tracked and fitted the pre face lift aswell as spraying the bumper black for now , is it too low?????  

time attack style s14.5 coming to the uk

seen this on the import pages and then on uk ad’s hopefully the new owner will be having fun with it

Who needs a Land Rover, when you could have one of these..

Icon is a company in the US that specialises in remaking the Jeep CJ3, but more to my liking, the Toyota Land Cruiser, FJ model. They come in a few different versions, from a small soft top right up to a big pickup truck. Completely modernised inside and out, running a LS3 V8 and high … Continue reading

One badass e92 M3…

Lordy… this is immense. still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. E92 M3 Build  

nicest ae86 ive seen in a while