random jdm allstars pic


crazy ass truck

these must be the worst things to drive

New blog look

hope people like it any input is welcome oh and here is a jzx90 pic for your troubles

Sweet buggy spotted in london

Our roving reporter cat was out today and spotted this nice buggy. Think it’s a gp kit if I remember right. Always had a soft spot for old dubs. keep up the good work dear

i seenz a CRZ on the uk streets!!!!

and what can i say but very nice indeed even in its standard guise, all it needs is some fitment and some lowering and it would be pretty sorted.. and of course how it should be done by spoon

I love empty roads

On my way to work from my gals in Wandsworth on bank holiday morning. A rare sight in London. Especially at 9 on a Monday.

fort bonifacio motor show, Manila, Philippines

ok guys pics from a friend in manila here , one of the bigger car shows over there and  a good turnout aswell as this is just a selection, hope to get more from rick as its great to see another car culture right from the source, cheers tuppen


Saw this on the way to work. Very nice

New fisheye toy

Got a new lomo toy today. A big thank to a friend mark for sorting out a deal on this. Hope to get a couple more lomo bits from him when I have more money. Can’t wait to take some more pics of this at japfest. That’s all

Taxidermy rocks

But only when squirrels fight