new s13 to the light heart flock

young simon “half can” pearless has joined the s13 faction of light heart with a very tidy tuned s13

more pics to come but here is a quick spec, but you will be seeing more of this soon.


Engine: CA18 1.8cc
Chrome cam covers
Chrome pipes
Upgrade fuel pressure regulator
Upgrade fuel filter
Upgrade fuel pump 255lb
Upgraded Air filter
Cosworth spark plugs
Dump valve
Samco hose’s
Front mount intercooler
Cosworth T4 turbo
3″ performance exhaust from turbo back to 5″ tail back box.
Has a screamer pipe fitted?
4-branch exhaust manifold
Uprated metal exhaust gaskets
Uprated exhaust manifold nuts & studs
External waste gate 46mm
Apex performance alloy radiator
Upgrade oil catch tank
Uprated oil filter
Motor sport mobile 1 15w/50w oil
4 pedal clutch
Very quick car 300bhp at 0.9 bar boost.
drives excellent

Front & rear struts
Front 300zx 4 pot callipers
Front drilled & grooved discs
Adjustable front & rear coilover suspension with camber & castor adjusters
Lightweight 17″ wheels in black

Front one wiper conversion JDM style look
Front lazy lights
Front clear indicators
Front clear side repeaters
Ganador style mirrors light weight
180sx rear JDM taillights
180sx boot lid matt black
180sx rear electric Ariel
Tinted rear windows
Bonnet roof & boot lid matt black

S14 leather interior no rip’s
OMP 300mm steering wheel
Boost pressure gauge
Nismo water temp gauge
Turbo timer reads battery voltage
Gizmo electronic boost controller with 4 setting
Chrome gear knob that lights up blue
Blue instrument & interior lights
Sony remote control CD player with 6-disc changer in the boot









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