Newest Purchase… N2 Goodness…

Right, so Ive gone from having this:

To this!

This is what it looked like over in Japan


The magazine feature the car had in Japan

And its current state now:

All it needs is painting, which will hopefully be done in the next month or two, money dependant!

spec list:
N2 wheel arch flares
N2 front lip spoiler
GoodLine rear hatch with moulded in wing
GoodLine fibreglass ducted bonnet
Bonnet raised at the back edge to aid cooling
Later spec front bumper
Later spec rear bumper
Fuel tank filler relocated to the boot

SSR Reverse Mesh split rims
15×8.5 – 21offset front
15×9 – 27 offset rear
Tires 195/50 – stretched

Suspension & Chassis
Revolver Coilovers – front
Completely polybushed
TRD 8 way adjustable “blue” shocks – rear
TRD springs – rear
Top mounts – front
Roll centre adjusters – front
Cusco rear strut tower brace
Garage Shapple front triangle strut brace

Stock AE86 callipers front and rear
Mintex pads front and rear
Braided brake lines front and rear

Safety 21 roll cage sprayed white, spreader plates located at mounting points
Stripped interior sprayed statin black
Corbeau Pro series seats x2
Adjustable side mount seat rail
Sparco suede steering wheel and nardi boss
T3 3 inch wheel spacer
Flower gearknob
Sabelt 4 point harnesses

TRD 2 way LSD
4.3 final ratio

TRD 4 branch tubular manifold
Garage Shapple circuit exhaust – centre silencer removed
TRD radiator cap
Electric fan to thermostatic switch
Aluminium pulleys
K&n intake
Uprated plug leads

Pretty well sorted car! Cant wait to get it out on track this summer!

Should all be done for the big meet in April time, hoping to see some of you out there.

All for now, but updates to follow…


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