OHH MY i didnt know tvrs were getting so cheap

wondering a forum and found this, now i used to love these cars like crazy when i was young, and to think they are in the relm of me affording is crazy

well the ad

.3 V8 with sleeved sports exhaust, fully retrimmed last year, MOT till March 2011, Tax till Sept 2010. She is on a 1993 K plate and is extremely rare. It is believed there are only a handful of genuine 4.3 big valve model chimaeras around.

The colour is called starmist ocean haze metallic and it has aftermarket 17″ alloys fitted which are almost like new.

She is mechanically sound and has now had a full overhaul of the handbrake as it did not work, it was a nightmare to do but as a result it now actually works very very well !

The chassis is solid as the outriggers which are known to fail on TVR’s were all replaced last year too.

Overall shes a solid and very fast car but does need a tidy up here and there, I used her daily with no issues albeit it feels like it constantly wants to kill you if its wet ! LOL

I’m looking for a very quick sale so despite her being a very rare model with 280 bhp NA The first person to give me £5,200 or as near as possible to that can take her away.

People who know TVR’s say its worth over £8k so for someone willing to spend time tidying up all the wee bits and bobs you could make a quick few quid.

Heres is a list of what needs doing to make it spotless:

1) Interior carpet needs refitting properly.
2) Gauge panel needs fake wood chipped off and then painted to match lower gauge panel.
3) Bonnet needs stripe refitted or laquer redone (car had a race stripe, I peeled it off and it lifted some of the laquer, paint is undamaged)
4) Rear driver side roll bar bush needs replaced.
5) Stereo needs fitting
6) Electric mirrors need a broken wire repaired between door and body of car.
7) Leather dash covering needs a trim and tidy as when they retrimmed it they didnt stick a bit down very well.

So like I say, its mainly silly little cosmetic things. but hence why I have it priced low. the 4.3 big valve model is extremely rare and therefore dont be confused with lower or similar priced 4 litre or 4.5 litre models.

I will try to add better pictures later but hopefully these will work for now !


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