So got a new exhaust today…

The Kakimoto was getting to be a bit much since I’ve been driving the car to work everyday. Booked in with MIJ Performance in Walsall to have a custom exhaust made up. Took around 2 hours to get there and they were already heaving this morning! After a quick discussion about how I wanted the system to look and sound they got to it! Decided on a decat system with a center box, under the rear axle then leading to a 3 inch tipped backbox. Went for a wander round town and when I returned the car was done! Had a quick look while it was still on the ramps and I was blown away, the workmanship is very impressive. Didn’t take any pics while it was in the air but took some when I got home earlier. The cars definately less boomy on the motorway but still has a nice tone to it and doesn’t look like a massive fart can! The system is now an underaxle setup as I’ll be lowering the car more when I received the Driftworks CS2’s I’m waiting on.

Cars rubbing a bit on the arches but I’ll be cutting them away and replacing with some EBN bolt on arches in the near future.

Last pic is a bit random, but just 5min from the house down the road, gotta love the countryside!


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