Ah man,

Been so slack with posts as of late, Japfest has come and gone, had an awesome time! Need to upload some pics I took so will sort that asap now that I have some more free time on my hands! The 86 hasn’t been proving that reliable, first the diff issues and now a few new problems. first being the dizzy leaking oil onto the heatwrap on the manifold and smoking (now removed as it could catch fire if not careful!) the lower cambelt pully has play on the notch which secures it so im unable to adjust the timing correctly so need to source another of those too. Worst sadly is that it appears the coilovers I’ve just bought have blown shocks. Going to take them apart over the next few days if i get chance, as the 86 is my daily driver at the moment. This is because my actual daily driver has broken down AGAIN (thought they were supposed to be reliable!) Everytime I have a setback like this, I consider selling the car, it’s given me so much grief and yet for that time I do drive it, it makes me smile. I will get it all sorted and drive it if its the last thing I do!


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